Marketing is a critical part of any real estate business. Great marketing will supply you with a steady stream of fresh leads and new customers. A well thought out marketing plan will help you win more listing presentations.

​Unfortunately, many agents struggle with marketing.

Here’s a possible reason: Realtors don’t know the difference between Marketing and Branding.

To understand why you need to focus on Marketing and not Branding, watch this video by Donald Miller. He’s the author of Building a Storybrand – Clarify your Message so Customers will Listen.

Focus on Marketing NOT Building a Brand

​As a small business owner, you don’t have enough money or time to create your own brand.

This is the opposite of what most gurus tell you. If you listen to the hype you should be on social media all day documenting your life and building your personal brand.

There are more than 8,000 Realtors in Columbus, all trying to brand themselves on Facebook.

Do you really think you can set yourself apart by posting pictures of listings, open houses, and happy buyers at the closing?

What Makes Your Marketing GREAT?

Let’s go back to Donald Miller. Here’s a simple tip that will make your marketing great …

Lessons Learned

3 rules to help you become a better marketer:

  • Spend at least 80% of your budget and time on marketing instead of branding. Posting pictures on Facebook may create emotions, but there’s no reason for the reader to contact you.
  • Don’t confuse your customer with a clever or cute message. Explain the problem you solve and give them clear instructions on how to contact you.
  • Always include a strong call-to-action. It’s not enough to put your name and phone number on a postcard. Tell them exactly why they should call or text you.

How to Become a Better Marketer

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