Did you enjoy the President’s Ball last Saturday?

Susanne and I like to attend so we can congratulate our agents to their awards. It gives us a chance to celebrate their accomplishments and show appreciation for all they do for our brokerage.

Congratulations to Candy, Gary, and Jim! (pictured above)

Our agents are very successful. And, I am most proud of the fact that they do it without any “lead handouts” from our brokerage.

Do You Own A Real Business?

There are 2 ways to make money as a Realtor – you are either a Business Owner or an Operator. Here’s the difference …

The Business Owner is independent. If you own your business, you are in charge of your destiny.

Any business relies on customers who pay for your products and services. Without customers you will be out of business quickly.

Attracting new customers is a core skill you must master as a business owner. And that includes generating leads and converting them.

The Operator is dependent. An operator’s job is to service the client.

Many agents tell me they are in real estate because they love to help people buy or sell. Servicing clients is only part of the business.

If you are an operator you need someone else to supply you with paying customers.

The Changing Role of the Broker

There was a time when agents were working for the broker. The broker would run marketing and sales and the agents would service clients.

That has changed.

Today’s agents are independent business owners. Therefore, they are responsible for finding customers. The broker’s roles are to help agents stay compliant with real estate laws and to support them when they need help.

Should You Join a Team?

If you do not want to generate your own leads you should join a team. As a team agent you are working for the team leader, whose role it is to provide you with leads.

Many team leaders do exactly that by buying online leads for team members to convert and service.

​Buying leads is expensive. The cost of online leads has skyrocketed to $20 or more. With only 1% converting, you need to shell out $2,000 for one transaction.

That’s why your team leader can’t pay more than 50% of the commissions – else they would go broke.

Learn How to Fish

You all heard this saying. Now apply it.

If you want to own a “REAL” real estate business, you need to learn “how to fish”. You need to generate your own prospects and clients. Mastering the skills of lead generation and conversion is critical to your success.

This is where we come in.

The main goal of our brokerage is to help agents build a thriving business. We accomplish this by teaching various lead generation strategies and coaching agents to implement them consistently.

Do you rely on leads from your broker?

If your income​ depends on “handouts” from your broker, you may be out of business soon.