Before we opened our RE/MAX office, Susanne and I were with an independent brokerage without a brand. That was during the Great Recession. We sold lots of HUD homes – many to house flippers.

Some of the investors purchased multiple homes a year, rehabbed them and put them back on the market.

They liked us for getting excellent HUD deals, however, they refused to list the remodeled properties with us.

Why? Because they wanted a brand-name sign in the yard.

We missed out on many high value transactions. That’s when we realized how important a well-recognized brand is for sellers.

Instant Credibility Helped Jumpstart Our Business

When we opened RE/MAX 24/7 the RE/MAX balloon gave us an immediate boost. We grew from zero to $6 million in sales in the first year without referrals.

With RE/MAX we had instant credibility with both buyers and sellers:

  • It was easy to win listings because sellers already trusted the brand and did not ask about our experience.
  • Many Buyers moving to Columbus search for a RE/MAX agent. They go with a brand they trust. This yields 3 high-income buyers every year. The most recent one purchased an $800,000 home, and we did not have to pay 40% to a relocation company.

RE/MAX is the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand

More people know RE/MAX than any other real estate brand. Most importantly, buyers and sellers associate RE/MAX with high quality service and experience.

RE/MAX brand recognition is especially important for new agents.

Kameron joined us right out of Hondros College. He got a call from an out-of-town buyer who wanted to work with a RE/MAX agent. The buyer never asked about his experience, and Kameron earned $8,500 on his first sale.

The Lie Most Brokers Tell Their Agents

Did your broker tell you that a corporate brand is not important?

That’s a lie and an excuse for NOT investing in marketing.

Of course, you could build your own personal brand through social media. Unfortunately, that takes a long time and a lot of effort. You will likely run out of business before people know who you are.

​I’d rather rely on RE/MAX and get 3 or 4 extra deals a year due to their #1 global brand.

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