An exceptional customer experience is critical to the long-term success of your real estate business. Delivering predictable and “legendary” customer service requires proven systems.

​Every business runs on systems. The better your systems, the better your customer experience.

How Many Systems Do You Need in Your Business?

Tom Ferry claims you should have 10 Systems to Run a Highly Productive Business. This may be overkill if you have less than 20 members on your team.

However, even a solo agent needs a handful of systems to run a highly effective business.

5 Systems Every Realtor Should Use

I believe every agent should use these 5 systems …

  1. Calendar A simple online calendar is critical to manage your day, to time-block and focus on critical tasks, to schedule appointments, and to create more balance between work and leisure.
  2. Email is your communications hub. To avoid spending most of the day scanning through useless information you must set up rules to automatically organize your inbox.
  3. CRM The customer relationship management system is your “Rolodex” on steroids. Organize your contacts with tags so you can easily find what you are looking for.
  4. Lead Management Systems are used to communicate and follow up with your prospects. The best systems let you automate text replies, drip campaigns, and offer AI chat bots.
  5. Transaction Management Systems keep track of everything happening between signing a contract and closing the transaction. It’s completely paperless with online task lists, digital documents and e-signatures.

All of these systems are free or should be provided by your brokerage.

It’s Not About Technology

You are probably thinking I am just talking about technology.

That’s not the case, because technology is just the enabler. How you use tech to create systems will make or break your business.

​Every real estate company offers technology these days. But when it comes to proven systems most brokerages fail.

Does your broker provide the texts and emails, the follow up campaigns, the task lists and check lists, the documents and procedures to run a predictable and thriving business?

Or, are you overwhelmed by new technology with no support on how to use it?

​Our Systems Help You Win

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Achieve Your Big Goals

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