Last week I told you how Tom Ferry’s Sales Edge changed my opinion on the importance of scripts. Communication is one of the most important skills you need to master as a Realtor, because “Knowing what to say, matters“.

Why You Need to Master Good Scripts

​The objective of scripts is to automatically say the right words when certain situations arise … and, to say them with confidence.

Let me give you an example: One of the most common questions you are asked as a Realtor is “How’s the Market?

Do you have an answer that will lead to an appointment or yield a referral?

Or, do you just say, “The market is great!” and miss out on an opportunity to grow your business?

Here’s the answer Tom Ferry teaches:

How to Practice Scripts Effectively

Practicing a script takes time. You won’t be able to present it with confidence in a single day. You have to make an effort to memorize, rehearse, and internalize the script.

Here are 5 steps:

  1. Stand up and read the script out loud 10x in a row each day for a month.
  2. Hand-write the script on a notepad twice a day for a month.
  3. Record the script on your phone and listen to it when you drive.
  4. Role-play the script with another agent in your office, your coach, your spouse or anyone who wants to help you become a better agent.
  5. Make it your own. Present it in a conversational way. Watch your body language, smile, and say it with confidence.

Where Do You Find Good Scripts?

Many real estate coaches publish scripts on their websites. Unfortunately, not all are good.

Some scripts are outdated and don’t apply in today’s market. Other scripts sound awkward and make you feel uncomfortable. So, pick scripts that fit your personality.

I like Tom Ferry’s scripts, because they are up-to-date and tested by thousands of coaching members.

Click here for some of the scripts we learned at Sales Edge.

Defending Your Commission

You’ve probably been asked by a seller to lower your commission. Here’s a short script to handle this situation – recorded at Sales Edge.

Bill Pipes role-plays with Candace Decker as she defends her listing commission. Candice is one of Bill’s coaching clients. She said it took her 30 days of practice to present this dialog in a confident manner.

Watch their discussion here.

Who’s Helping You Practice Scripts?

The key to successful scripts is practice and accountability. ​

Who’s helping you find the best scripts? Do you have an accountability partner or coach to practice?

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