Social Media is a sizzling hot topic for real estate marketing. Many agents believe it’s the “Silver Bullet” that will resolve all of their prospecting woes. Sadly, many agents are not successful with social media marketing.

Here are 3 reasons why your social media strategy may not generate more business for you, and what you can do about it.

Why Agents Fail with Social Media Marketing

1. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is the key to any marketing program. Additionally, If you don’t keep reminding the people in your sphere that you are (still) a Realtor, you won’t get any new business or referrals from them.

You have to stay top of mind. In today’s hectic world this is more important than ever, as consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages.

The frequency of posting varies dependent on the social channel you use. You may get away with one article a week on your blog, but you will have to post daily on Facebook, and even more often on Twitter and Instagram.

2. No Paid Promotions

Social media marketing is not free. The no-cost strategies that keep you in front of your audience take a lot of time. I am talking about Instagram Stories and Facebook Live Video, which are currently the most effective ways to get organic reach.

If you want to go beyond your sphere you have to promote posts and run targeted campaigns to generate buyer and seller leads.

A few months ago, I shared our experience with paid Facebook advertising. Click here to read the article.

Social Media advertising is still very inexpensive as compared to traditional marketing.

Do not miss this opportunity and learn how to design effective campaigns. There’s a lot of free information on the Internet. Call me, if you have any specific questions.

3. No Original Content

If you want to become a social media personality you will have to create original content. It’s not good enough to like or share someone else’s post. You have to contribute.

Creating content is time consuming. Writing this weekly email newsletter takes an hour or more if I have to research the topic.

‚ÄčOriginal content is the only reason why someone would consider following you. If you just share posts and comment on articles you are limiting your reach.

You are probably wondering how to overcome the content challenge.

‚ÄčNext week I will let you in on how I create content. I will show you exactly where to find topics and how to get the most out of your original content by re-purposing it for different social channels.

Stay tuned for next week’s Agent Insider email.

The Social Media Movie

John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, created this 4-minute movie. He interviews 10 social media experts who explain how you can find success on different platforms. Go ahead and watch it right now!

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