Every real estate agent I talk to faces one of two challenges: they either need more money or they need more time.

​The money challenge is most common when you start your business. Making more money is probably the reason why you became a Realtor in the first place.

The time challenge appears when you become successful and try to grow your business. How do you get the most done in the 24 hours you have each day?

How to Solve the Money Challenge

Many books have been written about this topic.

​When you become a Realtor you probably don’t have too many customers, no closings and therefore no income. Luckily, you have more time at your disposal, so you need to spend it efficiently.

​Of all the activities that keep you busy you must focus on the ones that are directly related to putting money in your pocket.

​Instead of socializing on Facebook or setting up websites, you should actively prospect and call potential clients to set up appointments.

You need to design a plan to take consistent action every day. You probably have to get out of your comfort zone to grow.

Work with a coach, mentor or accountability partner to stay on track.

How Can You Solve the Time Challenge?

There will be a stage in your career when you get really busy with more clients and more closings than you can handle by yourself. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day.

The best way to conquer your time challenge is to get away from your business.

Go on a retreat with your business partner and look at your business from the “outside”. Analyze exactly how you spend your time and develop a plan to create leverage.

You may conclude that you need to hire help, form a team, or simply implement systems that require less time while producing better results.

When you implement business systems an assistant can do the routine work, while you spend valuable time meeting clients and closing deals.

A coach can help you see the big picture and design systems to run your business more efficiently.

Who’s Helping You Overcome these Challenges?

Every agent I interviewed over the years has these challenges.

​The best way to resolve them is to work with a coach, because when you are in the thick of things you can’t see the forest for the trees.

​Can your broker or manager fill that role, or do you have to pay big bucks to hire an outside coach?

At our office, I personally help agents to conquer these challenges, so they make more money in less time.

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