I hope you had a great Memorial Day and took a few minutes to remember the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

​For Realtors, Memorial Day means an end to the busy spring selling season. School will be out in a week or two. Homeowners who planned to move to a new school district are probably in contract by now. And many people are leaving for vacations.

Are You Drifting into a Summer Slow Down?

Many agents experience a slow down over the summer. If you do, you should take this opportunity to re-energize and create a marketing plan to finish the year strong.

I have the perfect guy to help you with that …

Travis Robertson’s 6 Figure Marketing Strategy

If you never heard of Travis go here. He is a national real estate coach whose clients earn more than half a million dollars GCI in average.

Travis promotes inbound marketing. He even dares to attack the “sacred cow” of real estate marketing: building your business by referrals only.

Why You Should Not Rely on Referrals

You cannot grow your real estate business exclusively from referrals and repeat clients.

Referrals don’t provide a consistent flow of leads. You are at the mercy of your database. And referrals are the first lead source to dry up in a down market.

We are employing many of the concepts Travis explains in the video below. It has been very successful.

My wife Susanne has been selling $15 million worth of real estate every year since 2014. Less than 70% are referrals or repeat clients.

To learn how these strategies work, watch this video. It lasts about 1 hour. I recommend you take lots of notes.


Of course, you could hire Travis Robertson as your coach. I am sure this would be a smart investment.

Another option is to join our brokerage. If you join RE/MAX 24/7 you will get full access to our proprietary marketing system which has consistently generated $15 million in sales per year.

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