Could you improve your business by listening to successful people?

I am sure you could. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough time to listen to hours of podcasts, watch educational videos, and read every new business book on the market.

Here’s how I can help …​

Over the next few editions of AGENT INSIDER I will introduce you to thought leaders that inspire me. I will pick topics they published and summarize them for you, so you can implement them in your business.

Let me start with Adam Contos. In the past he was with the Marine Corp, ran a Swat Team, and developed the Safety Training For Every Realtor (SAFER).

Now, he’s the CEO of RE/MAX.

In his podcast he challenges listeners to begin every day by choosing to do the things that will set them up for success. The podcast is called Start with a Win.

In a recent episode Adam explained the 5 reasons why Realtors or other businesses fail.

Top 5 Reasons Why Realtors Fail

Success is not happening by accident. The key to becoming successful is taking a look at your failures …

​1. No System To make your business predictable you need systems to generate leads and to provide high quality service. You may get lucky with some friends or family hiring you to list their home, but without a system you won’t attract new clients consistently.

2. No Accountability If no one holds you accountable you will not achieve your goals. While employees have a boss, who tells them when to show up and what to do, as a business owner you need to be accountable to yourself. Find an accountability partner or hire a coach.

3. No Action Without consistent implementation nothing’s going to happen. Did you ever listen to a motivational speaker explain a new marketing strategy that would help you get more clients? But you never got to implement the strategy? You can’t be just watching – you have to start doing!

4. No Follow-Up The majority of business comes from repeat customers and referrals. It’s much easier and less expensive to stay in touch with previous clients than buying internet leads or door knocking a neighborhood.

5. No Value Many sellers don’t see value in your service, so they ask you to lower your commission. Do you know how to explain and deliver value to a seller? What’s valuable to people is helping them with their challenges. No value means you are a commodity – just another Realtor – and sellers will choose the lowest bidder.

I am sure you heard these 5 reasons before. Treat them as a reminder and keep them top of mind so your business will thrive.

Click here to listen to the full (20 minute) episode or go to Itunes or Stitcher and search for Adam Contos or Start with a Win.

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