Out of all the podcasts and webinars you can listen to during the COVID-19 lockdown, Brian Buffini’s are the most uplifting. In a recent interview with Amy Somerville of RE/MAX LLC he compared NASCAR races to the pending re-opening of the economy.

It was one of the best analogies I have ever heard …

The NASCAR Analogy to Re-Opening the Economy

In a typical NASCAR race, cars circle the track at speeds of 200 miles per hour. When an accident happens the race director waves the red flag. It means “stop racing”. Everything comes to a halt.

​Once the debris is cleared riders get ready to resume the race. However, they don’t start full speed.

Instead, they use pace cars that drive ahead of the field to slowly accelerate and avoid more accidents or damage to the cars.

The same applies to your real estate business. The coronavirus put the brakes on a thriving real estate market.

As the economy begins to re-open you can’t just jump start your business overnight. You will have to slowly gather pace and prepare before you get back to peak performance.

​The Flag You Must Avoid

As the race resumes and cars accelerate, some of them can’t keep pace with the rest of the field.

When they fall behind and get in the way of other drivers, they are shown this blue-orange flag.

It means “Get Out of the Way”.

As a Realtor you don’t want to see this flag. You don’t want to fall behind as the recovery gathers steam.

There is still time to get ready. But don’t wait too long, because “when opportunity knocks it’s too late to prepare.”

Here’s the interview with Brian Buffini. The NASCAR analogy starts at 38:00 in case you don’t have enough time to watch the full video.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Most brokerages were closed for the past 2 months. If you did not get much support during the pandemic, you may be in danger of missing the recovery. It started in the middle of April and will accelerate as more businesses open up.

​This is a perfect time to move to a proactive brokerage that can help you get back to full speed in the second half of 2020. Don’t get left behind as other agents speed past you, call me at (614) 395-7375 to get you up to speed!