Do you struggle to convert internet leads? Regardless of whether you pay for the leads or generate them yourself, converting them into customers can be challenging.

While most internet leads won’t pan out, you can still make good money from the ones that do if you follow these five keys:

Key #1 – Speed

Chris Smith, co-founder of the internet marketing company Curaytor, has what he calls the 100x rule. If you call a lead within five minutes of receiving it, you are one hundred times more likely to contact that lead than if you wait 30 minutes to make the call.

Speed is everything when it comes to internet lead conversion. Setting up an autoresponder is fine, but you’ll still want to make direct contact ASAP to increase your odds of reaching the lead.

Key #2 – Multiple Contact Methods

Agents who have success converting internet leads swear by the multiple method approach. Call, email, and text leads to get the best results.

Key #3 – Engagement

The goal of contacting leads is to engage them in conversation. Yet, many agents make the mistake of providing information or making statements without asking questions (this applies to text, email, and voicemails).

Every one of your contact attempts should pose a question designed to continue the conversation.

Key #4 – Persistence

Most leads won’t respond to your first attempt at contact. That’s why you want to make at least five additional attempts over the course of a week.

Six contacts in a week might sound like a lot, but it would surprise you how many people don’t respond until the 5th or 6th attempt. Persistence is the single most important key to converting leads (internet or otherwise).

Key #5 – Patience

Internet leads are typically 6-18 months away from buying or selling. One of the biggest reasons agents lose leads is a lack of patience.

Nurture the leads until they’re ready rather than trying to sell them something immediately and you’ll find yourself with a steady pipeline of business.

P.S. – Using your smartphone to record video introductions is an excellent way to convert leads. When a lead comes in, shoot a 30-second (or less) video introducing yourself and then text/email it to the person. Be sure to use the person’s name and reference the property address or neighborhood he or she was researching.