The Facebook revolution is happening right in front of our eyes. I am talking about the fact that a majority of Facebook posts contain video. In my Video Masterclass I’ve been encouraging agents to use video. We predicted that 80% of Facebook will be video in 2018. It’s happening right now.

Over the weekend I noticed that many Realtors are promoting their listings using Facebook Live. Some of you also record video clips to advertise your services or simply educate your followers.

Very impressive! Great job!

Here’s a sample of an agent duo presenting a market update (please note that they are not from Columbus).

View the Video Here

Attention & Top-Of-Mind

Video is all about grabbing the attention of your followers and staying top of mind.

Live videos get the most attention, because Facebook promotes live videos over all other content. This means your clips will show up in the news feeds of all of your friends and followers.

To stay top of mind you have to post Facebook videos and live broadcasts on a regular basis. Consistency is the name of the game.

Here are my suggestions:

Establish a regular broadcasting schedule and give your Facebook Live sessions a name like the “Joe Doe Realtor Show” – broadcast once a week.

Post short clips every day and give your audience a peek into your life as a Realtor. For instance, comment on unique features of a home you are showing or introduce your viewers to your home inspector.

Interview a client and ask questions about her home buying experience, and how she liked to work with you (customer testimonial).

If you feel comfortable doing it include personal clips showing your dogs, activities with your kids, even vacations (WARNING: I do not recommend showing live streams while you are on vacation and everyone knows your home is vacant. Always be cautious with social media.)

Consistency Matters

Broadcasting your first Facebook Live video fills you with excitement. Unfortunately, that’s where most agents stop. You have to broadcast and post consistently if you want to build a brand and get referred by your audience.

There’s this saying “A 100-mile journey starts with a single step“.

After your first Facebook Live broadcast you completed the first step. It’s the start of your journey. Establish your video broadcasting schedule and keep creating videos consistently.

Always remember to cover topics that people find interesting and want to watch. Your audience will quickly tune out if you only post listings.