There’s a lot being said about trust and “raising the bar in real estate”. Cluttering neighborhood streets with bandit signs is certainly not improving the image of our profession.

Would you call a Realtor from that sign and entrust them with the largest financial transaction of your life?

With 20-year’s experience you should have better ways to get clients.

Real Estate Agents Have a Trust Problem

Real estate agents are not among the most trusted professions as you can see in this chart from Forbes.

Just good to know that we are not on the bottom of the list 😀.

How Can You Build Trust with Prospective Clients?

The biggest complaint against agents is their lack of communication.

In today’s society it is so easy to ignore people. You simply don’t reply to emails or texts. You don’t acknowledge voice messages or return phone calls.

Remember how you felt when you sent a listing proposal to a homeowner you met, and they never responded?

​That’s exactly how your clients feel if they don’t hear from you.

A Simple Way to Gain Credibility

Here’s a simple and proven way to build trust:

Acknowledge All Communication!

If you get an email or a text, reply and say, “got it”.

If someone calls, pick up the phone or reply to their voice message.

It Pays to Pick up the Phone

​If you pick up the phone and reply to all messages you will be rewarded.

Here’s what one of Susanne’s surprised prospects said when she called her back: “Wow, thank you so much. You actually called back. You are the third Realtor I tried, and no one returns my calls.”

Guess whom this buyer picked as their agent?

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