Winter is slow for many Realtors. It’s a time when you may get frustrated because you don’t have any buyers to shuttle around.

When things turn bad, we often look for someone else to blame. We pretend that we are the victim of our circumstances.

Truth is, there’s no one else to blame for your situation but YOU.

And the only way to turn things around is by taking ownership – extreme ownership.

Over the Holidays I had a chance to listen to “Extreme Ownership – How US Navy Seals Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, two Navy Seals who fought insurgents in Ramadi, Iraq.

​In the book they explain what they learned about leadership during the war and how it applies to business.

​The audio book is thrilling – it’s hard to stop listening.

Every chapter starts with a war story. They tell about missions into enemy territory, how things went terribly wrong, and what they learned from their mistakes.

​Chapters conclude with relevant business cases they encountered as they became consultants for large corporations.

​As you can guess, each of these cases required a manager to step up and take extreme ownership.

Here’s a video of Jocko’s TED talk. He tells the story of a friendly fire incident during a mission in Ramadi.

How Is This Relevant to You?

Whenever you feel like blaming someone else for your problems it’s time to look inside and take ownership. ​

We all have weaknesses. That’s why it’s great to have a coach or mentor to support us.

​A coach will tell you the hard truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.

If you are coachable you will listen and take ownership.

Are You Ready To Take Ownership?

Unfortunately, many agents are not open to coaching because the unfiltered truth is often uncomfortable.

So, next time your broker or coach offers you help, accept it and take action. It will make you a more successful agent.

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