Last Tuesday we celebrated the accomplishments of our agents with the Annual RE/MAX 24/7 Office Awards. They had a fantastic year, and we truly appreciate their efforts. Our top producer made more than half a million in GCI (gross commission income) without a team. In average, each agent earned $267,774 in commissions and closed 33 transactions. Makes me very proud as their business coach!

Before the end of the meeting everyone set new goals for 2018. We wrote them on the whiteboard to track throughout the year.

The new goals are very ambitious. So, everyone has a new target to conquer, and as their coach, I am committed to holding them accountable.

Why You Need Community to be Successful

Real estate is a lonely and tough business. That’s why many solo agents get stuck and don’t make it. The typical agent works from home and gets referrals from friends and family, but doesn’t have access to the support system needed to grow their business.

Quite a few agents hire a coach to get “unstuck”. They pay $500 to $1000 a month for accountability, ideas and access to a community with other coaching members.

Agents hire a coach to buy access. For some coaching members it pays off big time, for others it’s a waste of money.

Shouldn’t community come from your brokerage?

There’s an alarming trend in our industry. Low cost, virtual brokerages are opening all over the country promising agents that technology and online leads will solve all of their problems. Truth is, agents get less access to mentors, to their broker and to a support community.

On the other hand you will find “body-shop” brokerages. They have large offices with hundreds of agents. In their mind agent count equates to success.

Their top producers have teams that compete against each other with little support for solo agents. If you are productive you are surrounded by inexperienced, new agents who ask you the basic questions their over-leveraged broker can’t answer.

Large offices may offer a community to socialize, but they won’t help you grow personally as a leader.

The Value of Community

How would a community of productive agents who support each other benefit your business?

  • You can mastermind with like-minded professionals.
  • The competition with other agents in the office is a lot less.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands on an outside coach.
  • ┬áBecome the average of the other agents in your office.

Do you want to be the average of the agents in your brokerage? If not, we should talk! I am always here for the realtors at my brokerage and want everyone to have a better year than last!