Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished in 2020 or is there room for improvement?

If you are stuck or if you need help growing your business, you may be thinking about hiring a coach.

There are plenty of real estate coaches out there. Some have huge organizations; others are one-man shops who personally work with you.

Why is Coaching so Popular?

Most brokerages have evolved into body shops with low fees, high commission splits, and limited guidance for their agents. They simply can’t afford to personally coach every single agent and be profitable.

That’s why the coaching business has exploded. A strong real estate market has certainly contributed to this trend, too.

The Services a Coach Provides

When you hire a coach, you should expect guidance with the following services:

  • Business planning and plan implementation
  • Lead generation personalized to your strength
  • Accountability to take action and implement
  • Setting up systems and creating standardized processes
  • Organizing your calendar to focus on the activities that will generate more income

When Should You Hire a Coach?

Can your broker or manager provide the help to exceed your goals?

Most of them can’t. They are too busy with compliance, recruiting, and mentoring new agents. There’s not enough time to coach agents one-on-one and help them get to the next level.

The biggest void seems to be for agents selling $2 – $5 million who want to double their business. These agents often don’t see any option but to hire an outside coach.

What’s the Cost and ROI of Coaching?

Most large coaching firms, like Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Verl Workman, Sherri Johnson, charge a minimum of $600 per month for 2 or 3 phone calls with one of their many success coaches.

Coaching for team leaders starts at $1,000 per month. Most require a 1 year commitment.

The ROI depends on YOU.

All coaching organizations have systems, scripts, educational videos, and a peer network of Realtors. Your success depends on how aggressively you take action and follow their guidance.

Both Ferry and Buffini claim that their average members earn roughly $350,000 a year. I bet some don’t earn anything despite of coaching, others become millionaires.

Should You Do a Free Coaching Call?

All coaches offer a free consultation. You may want to take advantage of it and shop around to see what advice you get.

Be prepared for a good sales pitch!

At our brokerage we currently offer coaching to our agents at no additional cost. You can personally work with me.

I know coaching works if you are coachable. If you accept advice and are willing to take action to implement.

Give it a try with a free 30-minute coaching session at my office. You may also schedule a free 30-minute virtual consultation if you feel more comfortable social distancing. Call/text me at 614-395-7375 to get started today.