The Value of a Weekly Mastermind

As a real estate entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your own company. Being the leader can be lonely. There are times when you need someone to talk with, to vent your frustrations, to bounce off ideas, or to ask questions.

That’s the main reason why we hold mastermind meetings every Tuesday at our office. It’s an opportunity for our agents to learn, share, and exchange ideas with their peers.

Our agents have become even more successful because of these sessions and we continually try to show them the newest strategies, client relationship tricks and how to get a bigger referral business. The time each of us spend together, creates a more cohesive and peer-driven environment that helps all sides improve! If you’re with a brokerage right now that does not take the quality time and effort to help improve YOUR BUSINESS, then maybe it is time to seek another who does. We strive to help each agent who joins us and we make it our mission to assist you in your real estate success!

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