Lou Holtz

What’s Up Realtors?? Have a Second?

Ask yourself these questions then ponder your business process. Were you able to honestly say yes to all 3? If so, you must be kicking some serious butt in your industry, and if that’s the case keep it up!

For those who feel like they could be improving in an area, take some time to allow yourself to learn about your business, your clients and your market. Find ways to build trust with your clients, learn how to remain determined and consistent when performing certain tasks, and ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS make sure you show your client that you care about them, their future and finances. Show them you are a professional in real estate and prove to them you want what’s best for them. I promise that when you commit yourself to these 3 questions, your business (no matter the industry) will begin to flourish and grow as you show and prove your care, commitment and trustworthiness.

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