Jimmy Dean

It’s not your fault the way the housing market is, and you cannot change it by yourself. BUT what you CAN DO, is adjust your strategies, marketing skills and sales skills to adhere to the new demand. I see so many agents feeling distraught and lackadaisical becuase they feel they can’t get a leg up on this tough housing market. However, there are ways to one-up the competition, it may just take some new strategies and a bit more work! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
? We live in an information age, where billions of pieces of content are getting produced each day. That being said, most of your clients are drowning with it and they can lose track of you! Be sure to reiterate to your database and circle that YOU ARE A REALTOR ?️?and you want to help as many people buy and sell their next home!! ? Find homeowners with a solid amount of home equity or a second mortgage and try to see if they may be interested in selling to helping your current buyers! Door knock or go to garage sales (Those who have garage sales are usually moving or are new empty nesters!) There are ways to one-up your competition in this ever-changing real estate market, but it isn’t the end of the world. Yes, there is an inventory crisis with more people looking to buy than ever, but nevertheless, you have to ADJUST your practices to reel-in the new business!

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