Frank A. Clard

That MILLION DOLLAR LISTING! THAT’S A BIG THING! Imagine if you sell that home list price, man that commission check would be huge! Though often times, it’s not about the big things, but the little things you do in order to get that big thing. So don’t focus on the commission check you’ll be getting for a home sale, instead think about the little things like; Are my clients up to date, are they happy? How’s the home staging going? How am I marketing their listing? What forms do they need to sign still? Has everything got pre-approved? When will the photographer come to capture the house? etc.

There are a million little things to focus on before you can get that BIG thing. If you can compartmentalize your process and hone your efforts on each obstacle at hand, you will inevitably end up getting the BIG thing you wanted. When we break big things down into smaller things, we begin to see that it is easier to overcome such tasks by tackling them one at a time. try your best to focus on your clients’ needs and what you need to do to sell their home, quick and for top dollar!

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