Cecelia Ahern

Everyone knows the saying “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”, but few truly understand how much impact that perspective has on clients. As a realtor, you work in a service-based industry, which means you put your clients first! Now you are acting as a salesperson so to speak, as you are trying to find the perfect home for your buyers, however, people hate actually being sold things or products. People buy off emotion, and a feeling they get when they experience something. Relaying back into real estate, you are your clients home matchmaker. It’s up to you to bring out those feelings and actions that result in sales.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of a lot of people, which means this also comes with a lot of emotions. If you can guide your client in the right direction, build trust with them and validate your credibility, you can begin to build your client base. Now in order to evoke certain outcomes out of clients (like getting them to decide on a home) you will need to understand what each person wants in their ideal home and try to focus only on those points moving on. Again people don’t like being sold things, so you must find ways to trigger their excitement or eagerness to purchase a home.

There are certain methods you can practice that will help your pitching to clients become more effective. Try to find some solid Real Estate One-Liners that will surely get them in the mood to sign on a new home!

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