Bob Hooey

This isn’t a job for money hungry investors or people who think being a Realtor is easy. This is a service-based job! Your customers are your clients and they should ALWAYS be your #1 concern. As most of you know, #Communication is key and without it, you will be client-less. I don’t mean to sound so blunt, but I would rather get you fired up to go talk to your database then have you mope around blaming the market or your competitors! Just look at almost every top producer. They always carry a happy smile, a confident stature, greet people with positivity and keep their client’s best interests in mind.

Focusing on your clients and their needs will allow you to build their buying or selling plan and will help you gain awareness on what your clients want and need. So make the calls, send those emails and chat it up on social media, becuase your database needs to hear from you and wants updates on their home search or sale, even if nothing new has happened!

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