Online lead generation has exploded. Approximately 30 Internet leads are created for every real estate transaction in the US.

This means a lot of competition and a race to improve conversions.

Today I want to address a paradigm shift in online lead generation, and what you need to do to win in a world with too many online leads.

Traditional Lead Follow-Up Does Not Work

You’ve probably been told to immediately call any online lead that lands in your inbox. And to keep calling, texting and emailing every single day for a week until they pick up the phone.

I know many agents who do exactly that. Unfortunately, they waste a lot of time with little to show for it.

Here’s why this approach does not work in 2019.

Today’s customers don’t want to talk to you on the phone until they are ready.

Most of them won’t pick up if they don’t recognize your number. If they actually pick up and don’t know who you are, they are annoyed and look for a way to get you off the phone quickly.

The New Follow-Up Paradigm

The best way to determine if an online lead is worth your time is to let technology sort them out for you.

If a prospect registers on your landing page they should get a text and an email automatically. Then you keep sending quality content relevant to the lead – automatically.

Let them read or watch the content and wait till they raise their hand and contact you. That’s when you get on the phone, have a meaningful conversation, and schedule an appointment.

Inbound Leads Convert Better

​We’ve been following this approach for a while, simply because we did not have enough time to call everyone who opts in.

Prospects will sort themselves out. The ones who are really interested will respond to your texts and emails when they are ready.

When a lead replies they are ready to talk. That’s when we can call them and schedule an appointment. They are usually very motivated buyers or sellers.

Is the New Paradigm Profitable?

If you ever paid for online leads you know how expensive they are and that they convert poorly. You have to go through lots of leads before someone responds.

Can this approach yield a positive ROI with conversion rates of 1% or less?

It only works if you can get inexpensive leads. Zillow,, and Boomtown are too expensive.

The best solution is to run your own Facebook Ads and generate your own leads for less than $5.

Who Can Teach You Facebook Advertising?

Many gurus and coaches promote their Facebook advertising systems on Facebook. Here are four I saw in the past week:

Most of these services charge monthly membership fees ($299 +). You still have to pay for your own campaigns.

Here’s my question?

Shouldn’t your broker or manager teach you how to run Facebook ads and help you set up a well converting follow-up system?

If they don’t, I can help you …

We run Facebook ads and other online lead capture systems on a regular basis. I can show you how to set them up and what it takes to convert these leads.

The only thing you need to do is click here and schedule your FREE 30-minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session!