On November 1st a group of 118 motivated sellers emerged in a niche that was almost forgotten during the hot seller’s market.

I am talking about homeowners who are committed to listing their property with an agent. The total market value of the properties they own is $ 29,067,937 with a commission value of around $1,744,076.

Would you like to learn how to grab a small part of this opportunity?

As you can see below, I am talking about expired listings.

The Comeback of a Targeted Niche

Expireds have skyrocketed as of November 1, 2018. And this is just an indication of what’s coming. As the market shifts it will be harder to sell houses, and more listings will expire.

This offers an exceptional opportunity for agents who know how to market to expireds and convert them into fresh, new listings.

Do you want to learn how to convert expireds? This is one of the topics I’ll cover during the Marketing Masterclass on Nov 14.

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Why are Expireds Excellent Leads?

When homeowners list their properties and the listing expires, they are already committed to selling with a Realtor. They just need to find the right one.

Many agents don’t pursue expireds, because they assume, they have unreasonable expectations. You may believe that they don’t listen to their agents and that they are demanding too much money for their properties.

Maybe. But that’s not always the case.

Some expired listings simply need new positioning, new pictures, better staging, a fresh description, and a new sign in the yard.

What Does It Take to Convert Expireds?

Skill and persistence. Both are completely under your control.

There are many ways to market to expireds: you could call them, knock on their door or send postcards and letters.

When you talk to the seller you need to find out why they believe their home did not sell. There are only 3 possible reasons:

  • location
  • condition
  • price

You probably can’t change the first two, so you’ll need to “re-position the property” at a competitive list price.

Learn the Skills to be Successful

It takes skills and persistence to convert expireds.

I can teach you the skills: strategies to get expireds to call you, so you don’t have to door knock or cold call.

You will have to commit to persistently market to them and convert them to listings!

Don’t miss the Marketing Masterclass on November 14, 2018!

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