Continuous Improvement to Achieve Mastery

You must be learning based to build a sustainable business. The goal is to achieve mastery and improve your business skills in a rapidly changing market.

Learning is not the same as education. Classroom training is not effective for most business builders. You can sit in a classroom all day long, enjoy a lecture and get motivated.

“Education without implementation is entertainment.”

True learning involves taking action. You must actually do it. Learning is a continuous cycle of taking action, getting feedback and taking action again, until you achieve mastery.

Mastery leads to confidence. It makes you an authority that clients will respect and want to work with.

We are NOT a training company. We are a real estate brokerage. Our main objective is to create an environment for your real estate businesses to thrive.

At RE/MAX 24/7 learning occurs in 3 different ways:


As your business coach I will meet with you individually and in small group settings to introduce new subjects that are relevant for your business.


Next you will take action and start implementing what you learned. We will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss your progress, so you get feedback and adjust the course to become successful.


You will also share your experience with other agents in mastermind groups. This is a very effective learning tool. You will have an opportunity to openly exchange tips and tricks with your peers, without being intimidated or being afraid of someone stealing your secrets.

At RE/MAX 24/7 you learn by associating yourself with top producing agents.

At most other brokerages the mega agents and teams keep their experience close to their sleeves. They don’t share and collaborate. At RE/MAX 24/7 top producers share their secrets with less experienced agents. We help each other to get to the top together.

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