The Foundation of a Sustainable Business
Leads are the life-blood of any business. Most real estate agents fail, because they don’t know how to consistently generate leads and convert them to become customers.
Our agents are so successful, because we make it our priority to help them generate an abundance of leads.


How would your life and your business change, if you could work only with pleasant clients that are motivated to buy or sell and don’t waste your time?
“To build a sustainable business you must cross the gap from prospecting to marketing.”
A prospector is on the phone every day cold calling friends and family and asking them to send their referrals. A marketer sets up lead funnels – systems that attract clients so they call YOU.
The difference: when you prospect you beg for business. When you market, you create unique offers so that only interested clients call you and ask you to work with them. As a marketer you are in control.

How does RE/MAX 24/7 help you with leads?

We heavily invest in lead services. These programs generate leads through online advertising. Our agents receive 25 to 30 leads every single month from these services, which results in regular appointments and a constant flow of deals.

We don’t want you to rely on company leads exclusively. You need to create your own, sustainable business to afford the lifestyle you desire. I will help you set up a minimum of 4 lead funnels that will make your phone ring off the hook.

A sustainable business requires inbound marketing systems, for potential clients to call or text YOU. We believe that outbound prospecting is not right for every agent.

If you want to own a sustainable business, you have to convert from prospecting to marketing – from a being a salesman who calls friends and family and begs for referrals, to an authority in your market place, whom people call because of your unique offering.

A Marketing Strategy that Fits YOUR Personality

Click the picture for your free DISC Personality Questionnaire!

It is important that your lead funnels fit your personality. We recommend you complete a personality test to determine which marketing strategies will work for YOU. Many agents try to use prospecting tactics they hate. They fail, because they won’t enjoy what they are doing in the long run and give up.

If you are not comfortable implementing the prospecting tactics you’ve been taught by your broker, I suggest you complete a free FREE DISC Personality Assessment. Click here for Tony Robbin’s online DISC questionnaire.

When you are done, submit your 8 “scores” in the form below! I will tell you which marketing strategies are best suited for you and which ones you should avoid.

Which Marketing Strategy Matches Your Personality?

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