You probably heard that most new agents won’t make it in real estate. According to Tom Ferry and based on data from NAR, 87% of new licensees fail within 5 years. I’ve always been wondering if there’s a correlation between your personality and your chance to succeed.

So, I researched personality styles and found this statistic. It shows the distribution of DISC styles among the US population.

Only 11% of Americans are Drivers.

Drivers are natural business builders. They get things done and don’t get distracted easily. They do whatever it takes to succeed. They are most likely to make it in real estate.

What about the other 89%? Are they doomed to fail?

I believe there is a correlation between your personality type and your chance of succeeding as a Realtor.

​But you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to accept failure.

Use it as a guide to compensate for the weaknesses that come with your dominant social style.

What’s Your Dominant Social Style?

There are 4 personality types or social styles, corresponding to the four quadrants of the graphic below. It shows how assertive you are and whether you are more focused on the task at hand or the people with whom you are working.

You can learn more about the different social styles ​when you click on the graphic!

DISC personalities are similar like social styles. Here’s how they relate:

  • D: Dominant = Driver
  • I: Inspiring = Expressive
  • S: Supportive = Amiable
  • C: Cautious = Analytical

You can find your personality type with this simple worksheet or one of the free, online DISC tests.

Note: Don’t try to manipulate the test to get a desired result. That won’t help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How to Succeed If You Are Not a Driver

If Drivers are business builders, how can the other personality types succeed?

Expressives are natural sales people. They won’t have any problem drumming up business. This is a perfect quality for a Realtor. Expressives are not very detail oriented and may need help creating systems to structure their business.

Amiables are great with customers. They are good at building relationships. They want to be liked. This is also their greatest weakness, because all too often they don’t close the deal. Amiables should practice scripts to learn how to ask for the sale.

Analytical Agents tend to over-analyze every system before they put it in place. This can be a real problem with implementing marketing campaigns, as Analyticals are too cautious to pull the trigger. However, these agents are very detail oriented and able to create great structure to their business.

Determine your personality style before you create a business plan for the next 6 to 12 months. Then select the marketing strategies that complement your style. You will find they are much easier to implement consistently.

If you need help developing a marketing plan that fits your personality, click here to schedule a confidential meeting!