There are a few real estate teams in Columbus that consistently sell more than $70 million in volume every year.

Did you ever wonder what they do to stay on top of the charts?

Below I will reveal their secret. Go ahead, copy it, and implement it in your business!

Social Media Activity Disappoints

I checked the social media accounts of the top 5 real estate teams in Columbus based on their ranking in Real Producers Magazine.

These teams sell between $70 million and $130 million a year. So, you would assume they actively promote their brand on social media.

You will be disappointed. They post listings and closings on Facebook almost every day. Their average audience size is 2,000 followers – only one team has 31,000 Facebook fans.

Instagram audiences are below 1,000. Twitter and YouTube accounts are dead.

This means that personal branding on social channels does NOT set them apart from the other 8,000 Realtors in Columbus.

​What does?

​The True Secrets of Top Producers

Here are 3 things that top producers do consistently:

​1. Aggressive Prospecting: There’s no way around pro-active lead generation by phone. Team leaders and team members make calls for 2 hours every day.

​2. Direct Mail: Great agents mail postcards to their geographic farm. They also mail printed newsletters to existing clients and follow up with phone calls or a video email.

​3. Niche Domination: Every top producer has developed a niche. They are the undisputed expert in their niche and have become the go-to agent who gets all the referrals.

​How Can You Implement these Strategies?

Now that you know the “secrets”, nothing is holding you back from implementing them in your own business.

​Prospecting may be hard, but it does not cost any money. It’s all about discipline and getting on the phone every day.

​Direct mail is not cheap, however, it has as proven ROI. I shared our numbers a few weeks ago. In the next Agent Insider, I will show you how to get sponsors to pay for all your advertising expenses.

And for the niche… over time you will establish yourself as the expert in your niche. Study the market, learn and focus.

If you need help implementing these “secrets” call or text me anytime at (614) 395-7375, or click the link to schedule a zoom conference online: