Last week Susanne and I attended Sales Edge in Chicago.

Sales Edge is a 3-day sales training for real estate agents. It’s about scripts and how to present them, because

“Knowing what to say, matters”.

​There are 3 reasons why we decided to attend:

  1. I always wanted to be at a Tom Ferry event
  2. I never attended sales or script training, so I was hoping to learn something new to share with my agents
  3. A business trip to Chicago allowed us to visit our 2 sons who’ve been living there for a few years

What’s Going on at Sales Edge

The 3-day seminar is presented by Bill Pipes. He is second in charge at Tom Ferry International and responsible for their 160 coaches.

Bill is a superb presenter and motivator, just like Tom Ferry himself. He managed to get all 550 attendees to pay attention 9 to 5 every day, get them pumped up, and practice scripts right there in the big ballroom.

If you have a chance to attend a Sales Edge, I strongly recommend you go. It only costs $199 per person (plus travel). It’s well worth your money and time.

Experiencing a Mind Shift

I have always been a strong proponent of inbound marketing to get prospects call you. That’s how we built our business.

However, when prospects call, you need to talk to them, and you need to know what to say.

During a buyer’s consultation or a listing presentation you need to know what to say.

If you know what to say and how to present it you can seriously improve your conversion rate and close more transactions.

This event changed my prejudice against memorizing scripts.

Bill got me out of my comfort zone. He made practicing scripts fun.

If you want to learn how to practice scripts, I will write more about it in next week’s Agent Insider.

How Is Tom Ferry Coaching Different?

Half of the attendees were Tom Ferry coaching members. Events like Sales Edge are critical for their success. It gives them a chance to mingle with their “tribe”, and to give testimonials for others to join.

You would be naive to think that Bill Pipes did not promote the coaching program during this seminar. He did it during was a special lunch presentation and did not disrupt the regular schedule.

Tom Ferry’s website explains their coaching options. Click here for details or give me a call to discuss if coaching would be right for you.

Unlike other coaching programs Tom Ferry does not insist on a single way to build your business. There are options, as long as you have at least 4 lead sources.

Should You Sign Up for Coaching?

The key to coaching is accountability. Coaching members have to report their numbers daily. They will get reminded by their coach if the fall behind or just don’t report.

Some members are kicked out of the program if they fail to stick to their commitments.

Tom Ferry has 5,000 paying coaching members. Their average GCI is $395,185.

If you feel that Tom Ferry’s coaching is too intense or too costly, you should consider joining RE/MAX 24/7. Our agents have full access to our proprietary marketing system which results in $15 million in sales each year.

We use the same lead gen strategies as top Tom Ferry teams, and you get personal coaching from me and Susanne.

Click here to schedule a free strategy session!