At the end of January, we celebrate the success of our agents with our annual office awards.

Our awards are different from the sales awards of the Columbus Association of Realtors.

While they rely on sales volume and transactions closed, we focus on commissions earned and profitability. How much you keep is more important than how many deals you close.

RE/MAX 24/7 Agents Beat the Average by a Lot

Our average agent closed 15 transactions in 2018 and earned $131,505 in gross commissions.

How does this compare to the typical Columbus Realtor?

‚ÄčTo find out I did my own market analysis.

Based on Columbus housing reports there were 31,520 closed sales in 2018 with a total volume of $7,175,780,160 (yes, that’s 7 Billion Dollars).

If agents charge 5% in average (listing and selling combined) the total commissions earned would be $358,789,008. That’s the annual market size all 8,400 Columbus Realtors compete for.

‚ÄčThis means the average income per agent is $42,713 – right in line with Realtor “salaries” reported by NAR.

I am proud to say our agents are 3 times more productive than the average Columbus Realtor.

The Best Lead Sources of our Top Producer

There are many ways to generate business. Personally, I prefer inbound marketing strategies. They leverage your time and get motivated buyers and sellers call you. Which means you don’t have to spend time cold calling, door knocking or stalking your friends on Facebook.

The top producer in our office has been selling $14 – $15 million consistently for the past 4 years – as a solo agent without a team.

The key to her success is geographic farming using postcards. It builds credibility and brand in her farm area. When someone calls, they are always motivated to list their house.

This pie chart shows the original sources of her 2018 business. 47% of commissions earned can be traced back to geographic farming.

The green sectors are referrals, blue is online lead generation, and the large red area represents geographic farming.

What’s her Marketing Budget?

I am not going to publish the exact investment here. However, I will gladly share it with you when we meet.

Schedule a FREE Strategy Session and I will help you develop your personal marketing plan for 2019.

During the session you will …

  • Set business and income goals for 2019.
  • Uncover the critical challenges that hold you back.
  • Learn how to overcome these challenges.
  • Develop action steps to create a consistent income.
  • Most importantly, I will inspire you to take action.

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