Imagine you are invited to a listing presentation. When you get to the house you discover that it’s dirty, cluttered, outdated, you name it.

How can you have an honest conversation with the homeowner without offending them?

Sellers are sensitive when it comes to their home. It’s very personal to them. They may become defensive when you try to recommend improvements. And you may not get the listing.

Tell the Truth! It builds trust and the seller will thank you!

A few days ago, Susanne met with a couple who just fired their agent. Here’s what went wrong …

Sellers Interviewed 3 Experienced Agents

The homeowners interviewed 3 Realtors in May. They didn’t list the house until October, because they wanted to move into a new built home at the end of the year.

The homeowners specifically asked each agent how to improve the house as it was only in average shape. Not a single agent gave them an honest assessment and made recommendations.

The agent who got the listing suggested to price it based the highest sale earlier in the year. That “comparable” sold for $25,000 above list price during the competitive spring selling season. It was completely remodeled and received multiple offers.

Needless to say, the listing was over-priced for its condition and did not attract any buyers. The home owners were wondering what went wrong?

They did not get an answer from their agent who was traveling and could not be reached. So the sellers cancelled the listing.

What Went Wrong?

There are 3 reasons why this agent lost the listing. They all have to do with an honest conversation.

  1. High Price – The agent based the price of this listing on the highest sale ever in the subdivision without analyzing exactly why the other property received with multiple offers.
  2. Average Condition – The agent did not make recommendations on how to improve the appearance of the house even when asked.
  3. Lack of Communication¬†– The agent left town and did not tell the client that she couldn’t be reached.

This Script Will Not Offend Your Seller

Many agents don’t recommend upgrades, because they do not want to offend the seller. They are afraid they won’t get the listing if they speak honestly.

This is a big mistake.

As Realtors we don’t want to criticize the seller or their property. We certainly should not impose our own taste on the listing.

But we have to be honest about the condition of the property and consequently the correct pricing.

Here’s a simple script that works for us in these situations. Tell the seller “let’s look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer.”

Sellers who are looking for a new home themselves will understand how a potential buyer feels.

Telling the truth – even if it is uncomfortable – builds trust and that’s ultimately why a homeowner will hire you as their listing agent. Sellers will thank you for your honesty.

Do You Get Honest Feedback on Your Business?

Whom do you talk to when it comes to improving your business?

Can you get a straight answer from your broker or will they just tell you what you want to hear to keep you happy?

A coach will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it. An honest assessment is the only way to improve.

If you want to grow your business but don’t get the honest help you need, it may be time to consider a move.

Call or text me to discuss your future! Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!