If you are like most agents, you spend a lot of time with buyers instead of listing homes.

In this changing market it is critical to become a listing agent for leverage, profitability, and your long-term survival.

Why You Should List More Homes

If you are working with buyers you spend all your time driving around, showing houses, and submitting offers.

More often than not you are faced with multiple offers on the listing your buyers really want. You fight the bidding war and lose most of the time. Your buyers get frustrated after missing out and decide to lease for another year – another commission lost.

Most buyers don’t have to buy a home right now. However, most sellers need to sell.

Listings give you leverage. You can service more listings than buyers at the same time.

Most importantly, listings will attract both buyers and sellers to you. They are the perfect advertising tool for your business.

Without listings you don’t have anything to sell. It’s like you own a store with empty shelves.

How to Become a Listing Agent?

There are many ways to attract sellers. It’s important to focus your marketing on homeowners.

‚ÄčThe strategies that work for us are geographic and niche farming.

We target subdivisions with high turnover (geographic) or homeowners who are likely to sell (niche).

Mailing postcards to homeowners on a regular basis is still working well. Offer them a free home valuation. Homeowners who are interested in the value of their property may consider selling.

You can enhance your results with door knocking, open houses, and targeted online ads. Of course, consistent follow-up is key.

What You Need as a Listing Agent

Here are 3 “must haves” if you want to succeed as a listing agent:

Marketing Budget – You need to spend money to market to homeowners and generate listing leads. You also need financial resources to list the property, advertise your listing, and take professional photos and videos.

Listing Presentation – Once you attract potential sellers you probably have to compete against other listing agents. A great listing and pre-listing package are important. It will set you apart from the agents who show up to the listing appointment with an MLS print-out of comparables.

Well-Recognized Brand – Your chance of succeeding as a listing agent are 100 times better if you associate with the #1 real estate brand. Sellers want a brand name sign in their yard.

Before we owned our RE/MAX brokerage we lost listings all the time. Home owners who purchased multiple properties from us refused to list their home with us because we were with an independent brokerage.

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RE/MAX is not for everyone, but if you are motivated and eager to succeed, I will personally work with you and help you establish a substantial listing portfolio.

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