If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am a huge fan of direct mail.

More than 65% of our sales business can be tracked back to postcards we mailed to farm areas in the past 5 years.

Direct mail is especially effective for generating highly motivated listing leads. We typically convert 50% of leads from postcards versus less than 1% of online buyer leads.

I just read a couple of blog posts from Frank Klesitz the CEO of Vyral Marketing. He writes about the best direct mail letters and how to select a mailing list of homeowners likely to sell.

He’s describing the exact strategy we’ve been using.

Here’s a summary of direct mail marketing …

Define Your Target Audience

Farming does not mean you need to mail to a certain geographic area. Your target could be anyone who is motivated to sell.

Here are a few examples: homeowners with lots of equity, out of state owners, divorcing couples, physicians, veterans.

When you select your audience (or subdivision) think about why they would want to sell and how you can offer value.

Select the Mail Piece

I love to send postcards. Homeowners will see my message, even before they drop it in the trash. You don’t need stamps or handwritten addresses, and they are less expensive than letters.

Letters are appropriate for certain audiences, such as divorce or foreclosure. In his article, Frank explains how to get them opened.

Draft Your Message

You have to give your customers what they want!

Homeowners who are thinking about selling want to know the value of their home, what other homes sold for, and how to get the most money when they sell.

Offer a free home valuation and include a list of recent sales (see picture of one of our postcards above).

Printing and Mailing

When your postcard is ready, simply email it to your favorite printer. Most printers offer mailing services, so you don’t have to worry about stamps or carrying boxes of mail to the post office.

Pro Tips

Mail at least once a month. Start with a higher frequency.

Stick with it for at least a year. You may see some immediate results, but there will be times when no one responds.

Make sure you set up a marketing budget.  You may get help from a lender or title company.

Always track your results.

Can Your Broker Provide a Direct Mail System?

Unfortunately, most brokers don’t have the systems and processes you need to implement a direct mail campaign.

We do!

Our agents have access to all our mail pieces, we have a marketing assistant who can customize them, we get discount rates from our printer, and, most importantly, we share the exact results of our own campaigns with our agents so they don’t waste money with trial and error.

If your broker can’t support your direct mail marketing, reply to this article or call/text 614-395-7375 to schedule a time to meet NOW!