Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who’s going to sell this year? You could focus your marketing on homeowners who are really interested in listing their property.

You wouldn’t have to waste money advertising to everyone in your geographic farm.

Advances in artificial intelligence and big data allow us to predict who’s most likely to list. ​Here are four apps you should use.

Homesnap Pro – Heatmaps

As a Columbus Realtor you already have Homesnap on your phone. In its latest release they added heatmaps. This feature allows you to color code properties based on criteria, such as “Ownership Time”, “Mortgage Age”, and “Likeliness to List”.

It’s easy to use. Simply display the homes most likely to list in your target neighborhood. When you click on the property you get access to ownership information, even phone numbers and emails. 

​Now, you can reach out to the owner and offer a home valuation:

  • Make a call (if they are not on the Do Not Call list)
  • Knock on their door, or
  • Send a postcard.


Smartzip uses predictive analysis to find homeowners who are likely to sell in a geographic area.

They claim a success rate of 70%, and offer mailing and marketing services, too.

In the past Smartzip has been fairly expensive. They locked you in on a 12 months contract. I believe they changed their offerings.

They are also integrated in other lead gen services like Offrs.


The algorithms of Revaluate analyze existing contacts in your prospects database and reveal who’s thinking of moving.

It’s your job to reconnect with these contacts, set appointments, and talk about real estate.


Similar like Revaluate, First.io ranks your existing database by likelihood to sell, so you can connect with the most qualified prospects.

With First.io you can easily start conversations with likely sellers before your competitors. First’s Seller Star ratings help you focus your time and energy on the people who are most valuable right now.

First is part of the RE/MAX family. They were acquired at the end of 2019 and will be available exclusively to RE/MAX agents.

I anticipate more companies will offer similar services in the future.

They will save you time and make prospecting more efficient. Call/text me at (614) 395-7375 to chat more about these services and how you can implement them into your business.