Every agent knows that a referral is the best lead. They are easy to convert, there’s no competition, and, best of all, they are free.

How can you get more referrals? 

Let me show you …

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Joe Stumpf.

Joe is one of the most seasoned real estate coaches around. He has been teaching referral marketing for more than 30 years.

In his email Joe announced a 5-day referral challenge. It peaked my interest. It only cost $45 and could be completed in a week.

I shared the email with our agents and offered to refund the $45 if they close a deal from leads generated with Joe’s referral system.

One of our agents, invested the money. She completed the referral challenge last week. Here’s what we learned …

A Simple 4-Step System to Reconnect with People

The objective is to re-connect with people you have weak ties with. That’s the contacts you didn’t talk to for a while. These people likely know others you don’t know, so they can become a great source of fresh referrals.

As a first step you need to compile a list of 35 to 50 names, cell phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Then you text at least 5 contacts each day, saying you would love to talk to them.

When someone responds to your text, you call them. Don’t ask for referrals, instead, talk about the FROG (family, recreation, occupation, goals).

At the end of the conversation you just ask them to introduce you to people that may need your help.

After you hang up, send a follow-up text, and hand-write and mail a personal note.

That’s it. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Text – Call – Text – Personal Note

Does this Approach Work?

The text and phone scripts Joe provided in the challenge work well.

Out of 40 texts, 8 people responded right away. Not bad for less than 30 minutes a day.

Just imagine how many people you would get on the phone, and how many relationships you could revive if you did this consistently.

Referral Appointment Contest in Our Office

We just completed the appointment challenge for January. Every month, the agent with the most appointments wins a $100 gift card.

Myra Williamson was the winner in January. Congrats to a great start of the year!

Picture: Myra receives $100 gift card

What’s your broker doing to help you get more referrals? ‚Äč

Have a fantastic week and reply to this article if you need help growing your business!