Social media is a very hot topic in real estate “marketing.” Anyone offering a class on “Personal Branding with Facebook and Instagram” will surely attract lots of agents and sell out.

Why is that?

Do agents believe that social media is a magic bullet that will fill their inbox with leads and exponentially grow their income?

The Problem with Social Media Marketing

There’s much more to social marketing than posting listings on Facebook and liking your friends’ photos.

When done right, social media is very time consuming. It requires patience and consistency.

Let’s take Instagram, arguably the most popular mobile platform today. Instagram stories are gone in 24 hours. If you want to attract a sizable following and stay top of mind, you have to post numerous times a day.

And you can’t just post anything. It has to be interesting or educational. Otherwise, your followers will swipe right over it.

Accounting for the Value of Time

Social media is only “free” if you don’t count the value of your time. ​

​Most of us don’t have enough time to create content day in and day out. If you can’t afford an assistant to do it for you, you need to join a brokerage that supports social media marketing.

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Social Tools and Ready-Made Content

​RE/MAX provides us with a great social media app called Photofy. Photofy makes it super easy to create professional content that’s personalized to you. And, they have tons of branded posts to share.

In addition, our agents use funny videos to promote their value as full-time, professional Realtors. This video contrasts hiring a RE/MAX agent with selling your house to an iBuyer.

Let me know if these tools and our exclusive content would help you with your social marketing efforts.

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