If you want to build a referral-based business, then Brian Buffini is your guy.

His approach may appear to be the opposite of the marketing strategies promoted by Travis Robertson (see last week’s email or read the article on my blog).

However, referrals are a critical component of any successful real estate business. That’s why maintaining strong relationships with your sphere and past clients is so important.

Introducing the Joy of Giving in your Business

In the video below Brian Buffini explains Pop Bys. It’s his signature strategy to strengthen relationships with your sphere. The video is funny and less than 4 minutes long. Watch it now!

Pay special attention to the last minute. That’s where Brian summarizes all strategies you should employ to get more referrals.

Are these tactics successful?

Buffini’s coaching clients earn more than $300,000 in gross commissions with a very small marketing budget. They work!

The 7 Tactics of Buffini’s Referral Marketing System

Here’s a short summary of the core activities of a referral-based business:

  1. Monthly printed mailer, postcard or newsletter
  2. Weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter
  3. Handwritten notes, 4 times a year
  4. Occasional pop-bys
  5. Phone calls, 3 times a year
  6. 2 customer appreciation parties
  7. Lunch or coffee meetings with your top referrers

Sounds pretty simple. A good CRM (customer relationship management system) will help you manage all important data on your contacts, even remind you when to mail or call.

How Can You Implement These Strategies?

If you hire Brian Buffini as your coach, you’d probably pay more than $600 a month for 3 phone calls with one of his “success coaches“.

It would be a smart investment.

Another option is to join our brokerage. If you join RE/MAX 24/7 you will get full access to our proprietary marketing system which results in $15 million in sales per year. 70% of all commissions are generated from referrals and past clients.

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