What’s the least expensive way to get new leads and establish yourself as the go-to agent in your neighborhood?

Open Houses!!

If you don’t host open houses, because you believe only nosy neighbors and buyers who already have agents will come, you need to keep reading.

Let me give you a few strategies to supercharge your open houses and dominate your neighborhood. ​

What are the Objectives of Hosting an Open House?

​Finding a buyer for the listing may be the obvious answer. With a little extra effort, you should accomplish much more.

  1. Building your database should be your #1 goal. Collect names, emails and phone numbers of visitors, because your database is your most important asset.
  2. Meeting neighbors who may want to sell or may know someone who wants to buy or sell. We get frequent calls from neighbors who were impressed by our marketing at an open house. So they decided to list with us.
  3. Building your brand. If you are already farming a neighborhood and invest money in mailing postcards an open house event will substantially improve your brand recognition. It’s part of your multi-channel marketing approach to become the go-to agent in that neighborhood.
  4. Meeting buyers who are house hunting is important whether they are represented by an agent or not. If their agent is not very proactive, call her to say that her buyers liked your listing and want to write an offer.

7 Steps to Supercharge Your “Mega” Open House

I learned about Mega Open Houses from Tom Ferry. There are different ways to run them. The key is to make your open house a neighborhood event – in stark contrast to the boring old open houses the average agent hosts.

​Here are 7 steps to stand out:

  1. Record a video in front of the property and announce the open house. Email it to your database and post it all over social media. Ask your seller to share it with their friends on Facebook.
  2. Door knock nearby homes (at least 10 on each side and 20 across the street) to personally invite neighbors to a preview.
  3. Send out invitations to everyone in the neighborhood. If they look like wedding invitations, they will get opened.
  4. Set up as many directional signs as you can – 20 at the minimum. It’s not just to find the house. If neighbors see your signs everywhere it will enhance your personal brand.
  5. Host a Seller’s luncheon, for neighbors only, from 11:30 am to 1 pm. The seller should be there to introduce you to the neighbors.
  6. Hold the public open house from 1 to 4 pm. You may want to use a helper to register visitors at the door. Use an iPad, not a paper sign-in sheet.
  7. Schedule time to follow up with all visitors the same evening. Send out a video thanking them for coming and mail a handwritten note.

Watch How Kyle Whissel Runs Open Houses

Kyle is a top producing agent in Southern California and a Tom Ferry client. Here’s an interview with Bill Pipes where Kyle explains exactly how his team is hosting open house parties.

Who’s Helping You Implement these Strategies?

Do you like the marketing strategies and scripts I explained over the past few weeks?

Who’s helping you implement these strategies? And who is holding you accountable to do what you need to do, even if you don’t like to do it?

​Stop hoping for the phone to ring, for new leads to magically arrive in your inbox.

That’s not going to happen. You have to take action!

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