I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about a new housing boom in the suburbs and smaller cities. It refers to the surge in home searches on Zillow and Redfin. Could this be a result of a new generation of millennials looking to buy?

If you’ve been following ShowingTime’s reports on the impact of COVID-19 on real estate showings, you know that live showings have already surpassed 2019 in the past week.

A tremendous recovery from the shock caused by stay at home orders imposed in March.

Millennials Fleeing to the Suburbs

The article talks about a somewhat unexpected moving trend that will change the make-up of large cities. Millennials are moving out of the city sparking a building boom in the suburbs.

Work at home arrangements were made permanent by some large employers. And a move out of the urban core is further fueled by violent protests scaring downtown residents.

These millennial buyers have solid financial resources. They can afford a 20% down payment and cover an appraisal shortage.

This will become a lucrative niche market for agents who know how to market to this new group of Millennial buyers.

Who’s Helping You Develop Your Marketing Plan?

Who’s helping you develop and implement a successful marketing plan to take advantage of these new trends?

The one-size-fits-all training of your mega-brokerage won’t cut it. 

If you want to accomplish your goals, you need more than a little hand holding from your broker and the occasional call from a manager.  

You need certainty, you need a coach who understands marketing and supports you every day, and the best brand in the world.

That’s exactly what we offer to agents at RE/MAX 24/7. We combine boutique level support with global brand recognition and the #1 real estate network in the world.

How Agents Benefit from Personal Coaching

You may be wondering if one-on-one coaching really helps agents sell more homes.

It does. Our average agent earned more than $160K last year – 4 times the national average.

Here’s a success story …

A week ago, one of our agents had a unique marketing challenge: to find a home for her buyers in a subdivision that didn’t see a listing in a year.

I helped her draft a personal letter to homeowners that told them why her buyers wanted to move to this neighborhood. She mailed the letter in a hand addressed envelope with a real stamp.

Five owners responded, two of them is seriously considering to sell. A great return on a simple marketing tactic.

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