Have you noticed that your mailbox is pretty empty these days?

Many companies pulled back on their marketing when the coronavirus appeared. There’s opportunity for YOU to stand out in the mailbox.

Unfortunately, many agents believe that direct mail is only for top producers with a marketing team to design letters and postcards.

That is certainly not the case. There are many services that do everything for you, all at a very reasonable price.

Why You Should Send Letters and Postcards

Direct mail is the only marketing system that gets you in front of a specific prospect for a fixed price in a predictable manner.

When you send Emails, you’d be lucky to reach 30% of your list. Even worse, your message may end up in the SPAM folder.

With Facebook and Google, you are at the mercy of a huge tech company that can cancel your account any day. You have to bid for exposure and can’t reach an individual prospect.

​When you use the US Postal Service there is no un-subscribe, no screening, no spam filter, and certainly no bidding for delivery.

Services That Make Direct Mail Easy

Minuteman Press

I want to specifically mention the printer we’ve been using for many years to send our postcards.

I email them PDFs of my postcards, the mailing routes for EDDM or a spreadsheet with addresses. They take care of everything else, including printing, addressing, and delivery to the post office.

No need to go to their store.

We design our own postcards and share them with all our agents at RE/MAX 24/7. If you need help with designs, you may want to check out the next service …


This company offers thousands of postcard designs for any real estate niche you can imagine. They can be easily customized online.

You either buy a design, download the PDF and print it locally, or have them do everything.

Check out their campaigns for inspiration. And, read their blog which is full of excellent marketing tips.


When you hide your marketing piece in an envelope you need to make sure it gets opened. Here’s a company that specializes in mailing unique, personalized letters.

They create envelopes with real stamps that do NOT look like advertising and will be opened by the receiver.

The company takes care of everything. You simply provide the mailing list and the letter text.

More Services to Consider …

Sendsations for mailing home improvement tips, recipes, and greeting cards to your past clients.

Lovepop for fun 3D greeting cards that pop out when opened.

Discover Publications for 12 -age newspapers personalized to your business.

Handwrytten for personal notes to clients and prospects created by a robot that imitates your own handwriting.

What Should You Mail?

That’s the topic of a future newsletter.

If you can’t wait and want to start marketing right away, while mailboxes are still empty, give me a call to schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting.