Winter is the perfect time to reconnect with past clients. There’s a good chance they know someone who will buy or sell this year. And you don’t want to miss out on that referral.

‚ÄčHave you been looking for a reason to contact past clients without sounding like a salesman or “begging” for business?

Here are 5 items you can send by mail and then follow up with a call.

Send a CMA of their Home

Prepare a custom CMA for all your buyers and mail it with a short personal letter. Show them how much their home is worth, how much equity they gained, and tell them there’s high demand for similar homes.

Send a Thank You & Credibility Card

The objective of the credibility card is to say “Thank You” to your clients, and to show that you are the local expert.

Our brokerage creates a custom postcard with a map showing the sales we closed in the past year. Every agent gets a personalized version to send to their database.

Send a Year-End Market Update & Predictions

The Columbus Association of Realtors publishes lots of information on home sales. Take their numbers, share them with your clients, and explain how the housing market will change this year.

It will show your expertise and give them a reason to call you with more questions.

Send a Copy of their Closing Statement

Clients often misplace their closing statement when they are moving. Help them out and send them a copy. They may need it for their tax return.

Invite them to a Customer Appreciation Event

Customer appreciation events are great for networking and improving relationships with clients. Invite them to a party, to a movie night or a grill out.

Encourage your clients to bring their friends. They will really appreciate you called.

I suggest you send these items by snail mail first. You may also follow up by email and text to confirm they received it.

Now you have the perfect reason to call.

At RE/MAX 24/7 we produce personalized credibility cards for all of our agents. And today we are hosting a customer appreciation event for their clients.

What’s your brokerage doing for you?

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