We are really lucky to be in real estate. Our industry was hardly interrupted by the pandemic, and as Ohio re-opens there are exceptional opportunities to grow your business.

I want to help you take advantage of these opportunities. 

​Here are 4 profitable niches you should pursue.

4 Niches Most Agents Ignore

The niches I am talking about are …

  • Absentee Owners
  • Cash Strapped Landlords
  • High Income Renters
  • Empty Nesters

You may have thought of these niches before, but you did not really know how to market to them and convert them into commissions.

Here’s how you do it …

Get Prospects to Call You

The best way to attract these types of clients is by direct mail.

​ProspectsPLUS offers a turnkey solution, with …

  1. Mailing lists
  2. Postcard campaigns
  3. Printing & fulfillment

It’s easy to implement and not very expensive.

Here are two attention grabbing cards of their landlord campaign:

How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

You can buy any of their mailing lists for 8 cents per record.

The postcard campaigns are tailor-made for these niches (and many more). You customize their off-the-shelf cards online, add your contact info, and download a PDF for only $19.95 per card.

Then you email the address list and the postcards to a local printer (we use Minuteman) who can print and mail your campaign for 50 cents a card.

Add it all up, and a 4-postcard campaign to 200 potential clients will cost you only $495.80.

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