Staying in touch with the contacts in your database is one of the most important tasks of any business owner. We know we need to do it. But most agents don’t do it consistently. You want to keep it personal and encourage leads to call you when they are ready to buy, sell or refer a friend.

Let me show you 3 methods to automate the process.

Method 1: Personalized Mailers

Snail mail is still an excellent way to stay in touch with your database. It is more expensive than the other methods, so fewer agents use it consistently. That’s why you will stand out.

I like postcards, because the receiver sees the information right away. It’s best to send “sticky” content, like calendars, home improvement tips, even recipes. People will save these cards and keep your information handy.

Handwritten notes and hand addressed greeting cards are best for people you know well, because they will likely open the envelope.

Services: Sendsations, ProspectsPlus, Send Out Cards

Cost: $1 – $3 per card

Method 2: Personalized Email Newsletters

With email you have 2 options: you either set up a drip campaign to automatically send ready-made emails to your list, or you write a weekly newsletter (like this email).

A drip campaign is totally automatic – once it’s set up. In our business we use a 30-week drip for listing leads with tips on how to get their home ready to sell. Drip campaigns take effort to set up, but once they are ready, you simply add names and emails.

‚ÄčThe weekly newsletter option requires regular work. You have to sit down and create content every week. You must be consistent. The benefit is the currency of the information you provide. It also allows you to re-purpose the content for blog posts and videos.

Services: Mailchimp, Bombbomb, your broker’s technology

Cost: free – $60 / month

Method 3: Personalized Text Campaigns

Texting has become the best way to reach people. Only 35% of people pick up their phone if they don’t recognize the number, and email open rates are less than 20%.

There are services to automate texting, so you can send personalized messages to all your contacts. They even allow you to create drip campaigns that send texts on a regular basis.

Service: Smart Alto

Cost: $27 / month

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