Over the weekend I listened to a few podcasts by Brian Buffini. I thought I’ll share some of his time-less, common sense principles that will help you double your referrals (if implemented consistently).

Who is Brian Buffini?

Brian is a business coach. He was born in Ireland, came to the US at age 19 and, after a terrible motorcycle accident that got him deep into debt, he worked his way up as a Realtor and became super successful as a coach.

He works with many Realtors and small business owners. His company is the largest small business coaching organization in the country (according to Brian).

Note: I believe that large does not necessarily mean better. Same goes for brokerages. I prefer quality over quantity, and when it comes to your own real estate business, this means profitability.

Buffini’s business building strategies are focused on relationships and referrals. We own some of his courses in our office. They are great. If referrals are your approach to marketing, you will definitely like what he has to say. Listen to his podcast here …

How to Exceed your Clients’ Expectations

As a profession, real estate agents don’t have a great reputation. If the majority of agents is just average, it should be pretty easy to rise above the crowd and stand out.

Here are 3 simple, inexpensive strategies to exceed your clients’ expectations:

  1. Say Thank You

How often do you follow up with your buyers and sellers after a closing? There are many ways to say thank you.

Call them a week after the closing and invite them for lunch, send a personal, hand-written thank you note, or drop by their new home and bring a small gift.

This will go a long way for them to remember you as an exceptional and grateful agent. They’ll be happy to introduce you to their friends.

  1. Pick Up the Phone

Did you know that poor communication is one of the most common complaints against Realtors?

If someone decides to hire you, they want to be able to reach you. Nothing is worse than shattered anticipation.

For instance, if you have a listing that does not sell immediately. Make it a rule to call the homeowner every single week at the same day and time. Even if you don’t have good news, no showings or offers, the seller wants to hear from you. Nothing will destroy the relationship with your client faster than poor communication.

  1. Positive Attitude

Always have a smile on your face and show enthusiasm when you talk to people. If you smile and look people in the eye, they will respond in a positive way. They will like you and probably hire you as their agent. Positive energy is contagious.

“Giving people good energy is an unexpected extra that helps you stand out amongst the competition.” — Brian Buffini

If you make these 3 strategies part of your daily business routine, you will win more referrals and build stronger relationships with your clients.

How to Not Get Replaced by the Internet

A few weeks ago, INMAN held their Connect Conference in New York. This is a huge event for real estate professionals and other companies operating in our field.

It is also a hub for technology startups who want to disrupt our industry. It’s hard to believe how much venture capital flows into these companies, many of which are trying to develop a better “mouse trap” to replace Realtors.

It is highly unlikely that real estate agents can be completely replaced by the Internet. The transaction is just too complex. Some fear that real estate will suffer the fate of retail, where buyers simply go online and hit the Buy Now button.

Brian makes an excellent point in his latest podcast (The Unexpected Extras) on how to stay relevant. If the client experience created by an agent is substantially better than the online buying experience, people will continue to use agents.

If working with an agent is less convenient, because you don’t pick up the phone when clients are looking for answers, or because you can’t provide the unique local information they can’t easily find on the Internet, you will be replaced.

If you want to avoid getting replaced, deliver an exceptional customer experience or else either the Internet or another agent will step in.

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