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Today I have 3 simple tips that will help you improve conversion and get more appointments.

The Perfect Question for Open House Guests

What do you say to guests visiting your open house?

Tom Ferry recently interviewed his brother Patrick on his podcast. He asks visitors: “How familiar are you with this community?”

This is the perfect question, because you can immediately separate visitors into nosy neighbors (who may want to sell soon), serious buyers who are actively house hunting, and early stage buyers who are still in the research phase and want to learn about the area.

The best follow up question for those visitors: “Has anyone reviewed with you the pros and cons of various communities?”

That’s a great setup for an appointment.

How to Justify Your Commission

Every listing agent has been asked to lower their commission one time or another.

What’s the best way to justify your value?

Gary Creath and Chris Scott (The Paperless Agent) use an analytical approach. Gary compares the sales-to-list price ratio of the average agent to the ratio of his team.

In the picture above the average agent sells homes for 98.25% of list price in 48 days, while Gary Creath gets 101.7% in only 16 days.

You could ask the seller: “… if you sell your home with my firm, you’ll earn 3.45% more in average. What this means for you is $_____.”

Ask them if they’d rather work with an average agent or with you.

How to Set and Hold Appointments with Video

Booking appointments is a critical first step to sell more homes.

So, what’s the best way to set appointments and ensure that the other party actually shows up?

In this 7-minute video Steve Pacinelli of Bombbomb demonstrates how to use personal videos to attract qualified prospects. He confirms the appointment with another video to ensure they keep it.

​Video is a great way to differentiate yourself from other agents. So, watch it and learn the T.U.N.E.D. method.

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