Did you know video is one of the most effective ways to get clients? If you’re only using video to showcase listings, or if you aren’t using it at all, you might be missing out.

Many agents don’t use video because they find it intimidating. They worry they don’t have the right equipment or they won’t be able to edit the video once it’s shot.

The good news is you don’t need any special equipment to make high-quality videos. Your smartphone’s camera and microphone will work in almost every situation.

Your phone also might include basic editing software. If it doesn’t, you can find free and inexpensive apps to download that make the editing process a breeze (Magisto is a great one).

Video Testimonials

Video is an excellent way to capture client testimonials. Record them after executing a contract or at the closing table. Then, upload them to social media, YouTube, and your website so buyers and sellers searching online see them.

Offline, video testimonials are best used to secure listings. A few days before the listing appointment, email the testimonials to the seller’s. Few things can help you get listings like the glowing reviews of past customers.

Market Reports

People like to know what’s going on with the real estate market. Using reports published by your company or the local board is good, but turning those reports into videos is better. It gives you the chance to show your expertise and your personality.

Use your phone to shoot a quick video of you talking about the market stats. Keep it under two minutes and be yourself. Focus less on the numbers themselves and more on what they mean to potential buyers and sellers.

Video market reports are perfect for emailing to your database and posting to social media. You can also send them with video testimonials as part of your pre-listing package.


If you receive online leads, whether paid or free, consider using video to introduce yourself.  Buyers and sellers searching online often contact more than one agent. You can set yourself apart with a personalized video.

As soon as a lead comes in (response time is critical), respond with a 10-15 second video.  Here’s all you need to say:

“Hi, this is Jane Doe with XYZ Realty. I saw you requested more information on 123 Main St.  Would you like me to call, email, or text you with that information?”

Your video will start the conversation and you can convert the lead into a client from there.

P.S. – It might seem strange, but the most important part of your videos is the audio. People will watch a shaky video with bad lighting, but they won’t watch one with poor sound.