Special Limited Offer

Get 1,000 Real Estate Leads

I want to give you 1,000 real estate leads. 1,000 motivated buyers and sellers who are eager to hire a real estate agent to buy or list a home.

If you are like most Realtors, you probably experience many ups and downs in your business. You probably don’t have a consistent flow of closings every single month.

The main reason why your business is not predictable, why you don’t make six or seven figures every year, is that you just don’t have enough leads.

Why do most agents have such a hard time generating leads by themselves?

More than 90% of all buyers start their home search online. Many of these buyers also have a home to sell. So, if you don’t connect with these buyers and sellers very early, before they seriously consider selling or buying, you will lose out to an agent with a strong online presence.

Generating leads online is not difficult, but it is expensive. It costs thousands of dollars every single month. Most individual agents just can’t afford this type of investment. Instead, they rely on cold-calling friends and family for referrals, while top producing teams scrape away the serious home buyers and sellers online.

I have a solution for you!

RE/MAX 24/7 is investing a lot of money in lead services to give our agents a serious advantage over their competition from other brokerages. We generate hundreds of leads every month and our agents benefit from it.

We are looking for a few committed, full-time agents who want to expand their business and crush it next year.

Before I give you the details of this offer, let me show you what you could do with 1,000 leads …

How many deals could you close, if you had 1,000 leads?

According to America’s #1 real estate coach, Tom Ferry, the conversion rate of online leads is 4%. This means in average you should close 40 transactions with 1,000 leads. And that does not include the follow-on business and the referrals you will generate when you provide excellent service.

The average commission our agents earn from these leads was $9,256 per transaction side. So, if you close 40 transactions, your total commission income will be $370,240. 

How would our life change if you would make $370,240 in commissions, without paying a single penny for marketing?

 Why do I offer such an incredible program?

Our mission at RE/MAX 24/7 is to help agents make more money in less time and build a sustainable business. We want our agents to make more money at RE/MAX 24/7 than they would at any other brokerage.

We are totally committed to investing in your success. That’s why we offer you 1,000 leads. We know that this offer will help you sky-rocket your earnings and make your business predictable and very profitable.

We are a boutique brokerage, fully committed to the success of the agents who partner with us. Unlike the mega-brokerages who take anyone with a license and hope that a few of the new licensees will make it, I am personally committed to the success of every single agent who joins us.

Who should apply?

As you can imagine, RE/MAX 24/7 is not for everyone. We only can work with a limited number of highly motivated, full-time real estate agents, who are willing to work hard to process these leads, and successfully convert them to buyers and sellers.

We’ll show you the exact process, but you will have to do the work. This is not for tire kickers or hobby agents.

Currently, we only have 9 openings for Realtors who want to expand their business and crush it in 2017. To be considered for this opportunity,

  • you must have a track record of closing a minimum of 10 deals and
  • you must have been licensed for at least 12 months.

If you want to get 1,000 leads to earn more then $370,240 in commissions, and become a top producer at RE/MAX 24/7 fill out the simple application at the bottom of this page and schedule a personal interview with me.

Do you want to crush it in 2017?

This is a very unique and rare opportunity. We have to limit it to 9 agents so everyone gets an abundance of leads.

If you don’t have enough money or time to set up marketing systems to generate 1,000 leads by yourself, this may be your best chance to join the top 10% of all income earners within a year.

Do you know any other brokerage willing to invests thousands of dollars every month in lead gen services that directly benefit their agents?

RE/MAX 24/7 is committed to partnering with the most productive real estate agents in Columbus. This is your opportunity to become part of this elite group of top producers. 

But you have to act now! Only 9 spots are available, and this offer will be gone before the end of this year. Fill out the application below!

Limted Time Offer. Get 1,000 Leads!

If you are seriously interested in getting 1,000 leads, fill out this short application and hit submit. I will personally contact you to schedule a time to meet.